~Kristin & Luke~

There’s an invigorating feeling when you’re in the middle of the street, whether it be empty or lined with cars waiting at the light, ready to spoil a great shot. No great shot was spoiled however as you can tell. I love the way this photo looks, it’s very uncertain.
I love the way my girls kept me smiling in the middle of a dress crisis. It was definitely past when I was supposed to be walking down the aisle, but the bow on my dress did not care. Finally my mom being a seamstress, cut the clasps supposedly set to hold my bow in place, and tied the best looking bow she could. It’s not a wedding without some drama.I love the way Julie captured the guys while they waited. Their personalities are definitely showing. From Luke: “I knew she’d be late, but I knew she’d come.”It’s such an amazing experience to walk down the aisle. I never felt this way before and I always wondered what it would feel like. I had put everything into this wedding, making it as personal to me and Luke as possible. My brother had composed the music, a celtic type number that made me cry every time I played it. As I locked eyes with Luke, I took in every second. My aisle was lined with candles and the light shown through the glass windows. This was perfect, just perfect.  


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